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What is Croplab?

About Croplab

In 2005 Mr Netaji powar founded crop lap to serve the analytical needs of farmers. Various research work started at takwade district Kolhapur in 2016 laboratory work is expanded and operations move to Nashik to serve better with advance technology. Indian farmer crop lab we are committed to provide prompt and quality analytical service for agriculture industry. Our extensive quality assurance program well qualified and train staff and advance instrumentation will provide best services to our client. Vanita Agro's Indian Farmers Crop Lab is working for Indian Farmers mainly with the 'Grape farmers'. Most of the Indian farmers use or apply fertilizer to their fields without testing the soil and considering the plant's requirements. Very few Indian farmers do agriculture on a commercial basis with proper technical guidance. Vanita Agro's main goal is to develop the Indian Farmers Crop Lab was to create awareness in Indian Farmers to use fertilizers only when the plants require the same depending on the plant's growth stages and age.Improper use of fertilizers will lead to inconsistent quality of farm produce and heavy financial liabilities on the farmers. This is particularly evident in the case of the Wine Industry which suffers a lot due to the inconsistent quality of grapes. This is where Vanita Agro's Crop Lab works to test soil, water, and plant to give proper nutrients to the crop resulting in improved yields and consistent quality. This will further improve the farmers earnings which will become a motivating factor for the young generation to take up agricultural work.

Thus considering the overall agricultural conditions and farmers requirements, Vanita Agro has developed this 'State-of-the-art' Crop Lab with excellent infrastructure and most advanced testing equipment along with dedicated and trained staff to focus on the support to the farmers which will ultimately transform the entire agriculture sector contributing to the national growth.

Mr. Netaji Powar
Founder of Croplab